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Related article: Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 16:22:19 EDT
From: Kevin Blah
Subject: forever 2 - for the gay/young-friends sectionHey everyone, this is Kevin again.. Whoa, I didn't realize that my first one
was so small. Only 3k. Well, that's gonna change, I'm gonna write a huge one
this time for part 2. All support is welcomed to
By the way- I'm dedicating this chapter to the chatroom. Thanks
guys!--------Forever - Chapter 2Diiiing Diiiing!! That was my doorbell. I ran the hell upstairs as fast as I
could and flung open the door so hard If it wasn't on stoppers it would have
gone through the wall."Hey Damon!" Uhoh maybe I'm being just a little too enthusiastic here."Hi Kevin!" (Holy shit! He sounds just as happy to see me as I do him!)"So whatcha bring over?""Ummm a few of my video games.""You know you're in for an ass-whoopin of a lifetime.""Yahhh, let's just see about that."* * 45 minutes later * *"Shit, Damon you're kicking my ass.. I think legal preteen underwear
we better stop now.""I think you were letting me win." He said that and gave me this cute smile
that made amazing preteens pussy
me melt inside. I thought I was just going to melt right into the
floor at that moment.The next thing that happened changed my entire life.Damon reached over and kissed me. Not a peck, not a tiny kiss, but a fucking
sexual kiss. This had tongue and everything. I couldn't believe what was
happening. My biggest crush for 2 years is making out with me. And all preteen young tits this
time I thought he wasn't gay!I released from our kiss and said to him, "Damon, what the hell did you just
do?"He sat up and said to me while giving me his sexy smile, "Falling in love
with you."I got up on my recliner chair and he came up and sat on my lap facing me. He
put either leg around me and we started making out again. I put my arms
around him and hugged him closer to my body. I could feel the warmth
radiating from his skin. I could feel his heart beating against mine. I
wanted nothing more, my life's checklist was complete. I'm making out with
Damon Smith. Damon fucking Smith. How could this be happening? I was still
in denial that this wasn't real.He preteen magazine nonnude
pulled his lips away from mine and started kissing my neck, which is one
of my number one turnons. I whispered into his ear, "I love you Damon." He
stopped kissing my neck and looked at me straight in the eyes. I saw a tear
rolling down his cheek and I asked him, "Why are you crying, baby?" He
replied, "I've never felt this in love in my entire life."I hugged him and he put his head on my shoulder and then I felt his grip
increase. Now I realized this meant so much to him. As much as it did to me.
Did he have a crush on me this long too? I was determined to find out."How long have you been crushing on me, Damon?""Back when I met you in seventh grade. Remember beastiality preteen free
that? At the laser tag place
on the other side of town.""How could I forget that, Damon? That's where I started loving you.""Really?""Really."Now my feelings were overwhelming me. I couldn't contain my horny
thirteen-year old self anymore. I pulled his shirt over his head and
revealed his sexy stomach. He had a nice tight little six-pack that ran
halfway up his chest and he had cute, tiny nipples. I pulled my shirt off,
and proudly exposed my stomach, which looked a lot like his, just bigger,
and a little bit more built. I wanted his skin next to mine now. I pulled
him closer to me and started kissing him again. He pulled in even closer so
he beastiality preteen free
was pressing into me. He was giving off so much heat and he started
sweating. I think I did too, but I don't remember. My thinking is kind preteens nude real of
shorted out at this moment. (Anyone's would be) So all I could think about
was him kissing me.\I started moving down his chest and licking his nipples, each one in turn.
He started to giggle at this and I squeezed the ticklish part of his sides,
which made preteen magazine nonnude him giggle even more. I hooked my hand into the front of his
pants, not going into his boxers yet, and asked him,"Are you sure you want to do this?""Of course. I love you Kevin," He with a big grin.He got up and undid his belt, dropping his pants to the floor. I could see
his preteen hardcore vid
tent in his pants and this turned me on. On the scale of one to ten on
the horny-o-meter I was somewhere around one million. I ripped off my pants
and threw them to the floor. Then, he pulled down his boxers. His dick was
so sexy at a not bad for being fourteen, five and a half inches. He had a
bunch of brownish hairs around his base and on his balls. I pulled down my
boxers now revealing my six inch cock. I had as much hair as he did, except
I had a little less on my balls. He got on my lap in the posistion that we
were in earlier, and had one leg on either side of me.I looked him in the eyes and said, "Ready?"He replied by a simple nod. I could tell that he was loving this as much as
I was.I started by only jacking him off. At the first touch he shuddered and I
could feel his thighs tighten. He started to moan softly as I jacked off his
five inch pole. He was enjoying nn preteen beast
every moment of this to the last drop. As
soon as he started to precum, I took his dick into my mouth and started
sucking. He moaned rather loudly now so I started moving faster and faster.
He amazing preteens pussy was moving his hips in and out with delight and I could smell preteens nude vip his sweet
aroma. After about two minutes of blowing he told me halfway through a moan,
"Kevvvinn Ii.. Iii'm cummingg!!" I sucked him even harder now and I felt his
juice hit the back of my throat and swallowed all of it. It wasn't too much
of a load, so it was relatively easy to take down. He now just held there in
my arms after I was finished blowing him."Kevin, that was the best thing I've ever felt in my entire life.""So you enjoyed it?" I gave him a sly grin while saying this."Well what do you think?" Then came his trademark smile.I kissed him on the lips and then I layed down on the floor and spread my
legs. He came down and started by rubbing my chest, which is, in my opinion,
a huge turnon. He then started to play with my balls and jack me off at the
same time. His small hands were working as fast as they could to pleasure
me, and I was already starting to precum. He then started to kiss my chest
lower and lower underage preteen vagina before taking me into his mouth. The pleasure I experienced
when he did this is completely undescribable. The love of my life, my crush
for two entire years, had my cock in his mouth. I was ready to faint. He
sucked really good for his first time and soon I came and to my surprise, he
swallowed all of it. I sat up, with him following my motion and I gave him a
huge hug."Geez, Kevin. Your hearts going to beat right of your stomach."I ran my fingers through his hair and told him how sexy he was."Is that a compliment? Or are you only saying that because I just blew you."I tussled his hair and kissed him lightly."I love you, Damon.""Back at ya."* * * *"So what are we going to do for sleeping tonight?" I asked gaby preteen model
him."I think I'm going to have to sleep in your bed with you."I smiled and responded by saying, "Well, yeah that's what I was going to
propose anyway.""Oh, and about proposing while we're on the subject, Kevin..""Yes?""I have a proposition."It took him about a minute to get out what he was feeling, and then finished
his speech by asking, "Will you be my boyfriend?""Of course Damon, how could I not after all that we've done now?"We both pulled on our boxers and laid down in my bed. We faced each other,
resting our heads on the same pillow. I put my arm over his side and pulled
him closer so I could feel his heat."That's better," I said."Yup," he said with a slight giggle.And with that we fell asleep in each others arms.
--------Well everyone, that was Chapter two. I think it's a bit longer than my
first, which is really I guess just an intro. How do you like my series?
Please respond by e-mailing me at the top of the page. Costructive criticism
and comments are welcomed as always. Thanks, Kevin. (Later tonight I'll
start working on Chapter 3)
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